About us

A Global Collecting Scrap Company


who are we

  1. A specialized company in tungsten carbide tools and HSS M2, T1 tools scrap for recycling purpose.
  2. We offer a multi-languages high quality standards services, with a qualified team for a fast and professional service .
  3. A well connected company worldwide, with a quick and efficient purchaseĀ operation system..
  4. With acquired specific licenses in the field of recycling.

our mission

  1. Collecting as much scrap material as possible for recycling purpose, Green Metal Asia - HIW-Recycling company are launching "3 x WIN" Global Collecting Scrap program based on CSR values.
  2. This program will have 3 very distinct beneficiaries :
    • Your manufacturing companies
    • Green Metal Asia-HIW Recycling company
    • The environment
  1. This unique program will improve and impact the recycling industry by reducing/eliminating the re-use parallel market often prohibited by the initial manufacturer itself.
  2. Our goal is to have a clean recovery and recycling Tungsten Carbide - HSS scrap process.

A certificate of destruction of the material is provided

Our team

Follow and keep rules of the CSR policy.

Know-how in recycling of tungsten carbide and HSS scrap.

Multilingual team, speaks: Vietnamese, German, Polish, Chinese, Italian, French, Korean, English.

Developing skills to be a professional partner to customers.

Keeps and follows processing rules policy of every companies we work with.

Takes part in exhibitions fairs and marketing activities.

We are easy accessible and will travel to meet your requirements anywhere in the world if sufficient quantity.

75+ Bowl of Pho a month
57 Target accomplished
48 Clients Worked With
27 Citations


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Global Collecting Department / Green Metal Asia / HIW Recycling

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